How to make Turkish Cotton Candy - Pishmaniya (Pishmak)?

He continues to set the throne for The Hearts with his appearance from ancient to present. You know that regret will meet you when you come to kocaeli region. Let's talk about the stages (process of formation) that the regretr spends before accompanying our conversations, tea.
First of all, let's sort the necessary materials;
 Cocoa or vanilla (must-have)
 Lemon salt
 Sugar
 Flour
 Water
Vegetable oil
The construction of regret begins with the oil melted in the dough kneading machine, the oil is melted enough and the specified amount of flour is gradually mixed and added. The fire of the stove should be low so that it is roasted until the smell of the smell of the smell of the smell is completely out (about 5-6 hours). While the flour is roasted, sherbet is made in a large wide cauldring on one side and the sugar of the sorbet is cooked until it is bleached. Roasted flour and bleaching sugar are brought together, mixed and poured into oily marble, as soon as they are poured, the parts that come into contact with the marble are hardened directly due to the heat of the marble. The halvah is pulled from the hardened parts with the help of the hand and the ring is formed. Then it continues to expand to pull from the edges until it reaches the desired width.When it reaches a certain length, it is doubled, the color is turned on because the air is mixed during folding, and a white opaque color is obtained and the processing (folding) is continued in this way until it reaches the desired tone and consistency. After the pull folding process, the vanilla is mixed with the added sugar to the pre-prepared dough. Since vanilla sugar and dough come together, it creates a fibrous structure, so that it is pulled back into the ring shape, and then it is folded and continued by folding (25-30dk) then it is quickly disintegrated and sent to the cooling section so that it does not cool and harden to the regret, which is pulled exponentially to the height.
At the end of 2 hours, the cooled regrets are placed in their boxes in cube shape or small fluffy swallows. Then, in short, solid packaging is carried out consisting of plastic mixture that will protect the product, in short, where the regretr will not have contact with oxygen, which will not receive air.
Important Recommendations;
During conservany, it should be protected directly from the sun and kept away from the water, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, and the package should be consumed in a total of 3 days.
If the unpacked regret is kept under the right conditions, the shelf life in winter is 6-7 months on average, and in summer this period is shorter and 2-3 months.
← 100gr IN COOKING

• 484 kcal calories
• 103.0 g carbohydrates
• 2.4 g protein
• 6.9 g oil
• 9.1 mg calcium available
If you want to take a look at the machines used to make and shape regrets after learning the process of making regrets, you can visit address and find out more.