← What is Jellybeans?
Jellybean is a type of confectionery that attracts the attention of almost everyone with its smell and texture. We all know that jellybeans, which are from a confectionery group that everyone likes, are of more interest to children than adults, so how to make these enormous, colorful, sweet, sour jellybeans, let's first take a look at the ingredients used.

← What Materials Are Used to Make Jellybeans?
• Beef Bone
• Sugar
• Sweeteners
• Food Dye
• Fruit Flavors
• Fruit Fragrances

← How-to ?
The raw material of gelibol is gelatin. The source of gelatin is usually cattle. Cattle Bones are boiled in large de-boiling cauldring boilers until a soft and sticky substance is obtained. After obtaining the desired soft and sticky substance, sweetener is added in food dye, fruit odors and fruit flavors and a little more floating as a result of the much-loved jellybeans are obtained. It is checked after all operations are finished. If the aroma and consistency are at the desired level, they are passed to the molds and then lifted to cool, and after the cooling process is completed, the robust packaging process is started and packaged and then offered for consumption. Now that you know the construction phase, you can 
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      Note, you can't It is recommended to keep the jellybean package in a cool and dry place, the opened package should be consumed in a short time.

Now, the important thing is to ask the question that we're all wondering. 
← Is Jellybean Pest?
Some sources are strongly harmful, but there are 15 different amino acids in the jellybeans, which means that the body will gain resistance to microbes.
At the same time;
There is information that gelatin from animals is good for the joints, but it is worth noting the sugars and sweeteners contained in it, as in all products, health problems may occur as a result of consuming the light.
← It is worth taking a look at the Nutritional Value of jelly jelibo
A Medium Package in Jellybeans
 Carbohydrates (g) 68.31
 Protein (g) 5.85
 Oil (g) 0.09
 Fiber (g) 0
 Cholesterol (mg) 0
 Sodium (mg) 0.02
 Potassium (mg) 0
 Calcium (mg) 0
 Vitamin A (iu) 0
 Vitamin C (mg) 0
 Iron (mg) 0 Is available.