First of all, I would like to tell you that Crocant Bar is a complete food and energy store, and thanks to the protein carbohydrates and potassium contained in it, it has positive returns to our body provided that it does not consume excessively. Crocant is delicious and energy store and offers fun snacks to both us and our children. If you wish, you can easily use your cakes and desserts to decorate them. Materials required for the construction of Crocant Bar;
1 cup hazelnuts
1su cup walnuts
2 cups chopped dry fruit in small pieces (available in grocery stores)
4 drops of lemon (otherwise 1 teaspoon lemon salt can be used)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon butter (or margarine)
1/2 (half a cup) water
2 baking paper (oily paper)
(If you want to increase or reduce the amount of Crocant, you can change the quantity of materials.)
Now that you have prepared the necessary materials for Krokan, you can go to the construction of energy tank bar.
Let's start by making a Crocant Bar to make our candy caramel. First take a suitable cooking pan over the stove. Set the heat so that it is over low heat. Inside; Put 1 cup of your powdered sugar and stir once then stop stirring and wait until dark caramel (until caramelized). After reaching the consistency and color you want, add 1 teaspoon of butter (or margarine), half a cup of water and 4 drops of lemon, then mix slowly with a silicone spoon or wooden spoon. Add your tiny chopped dried fruits, walnuts and hazelnuts to the caramel mixture you have mixed and mix them slowly, slowly to blend into one another. Take your materials that integrate with each other on an oily paper (if you use two separate papers, a thinner and more beautiful layer will form.) Create a flat layer by pressing your mixture on oily paper thoroughly with the help of spatula, if you are difficult, you can put oily paper on it and give it the desired flat shape with the help of a oxlava. Cutting your crocan mixture, which has become a thin layer, into squares without cooling will make it easier for you.
You can already rest and serve the crocans you slice frame by frame
Enjoy your meal🥰🍽
If you would like to take a look at our Crocant Bar line prepared in environment, you can visit our 😇