CIP Washing Systems

CIP Washing Systems

  • CIP (Clean-in-place, ie “on-site washing”) - this is the method of cleaning the inner surfaces of pipes, tanks, process equipment, filters and related fittings without removing them. 
  • CIP washing is the key to ensuring and maintaining proper sanitary and hygienic conditions in modern food production. is one of the elements.
  • With the CIP System, the parts washing speed increases more than ten times and offers sustainable washing opportunities.
  • While the CIP system is operating, the solution temperature and installation parameters are checked.
  • CIP washing process steps :

o   Rinsing with cold water from product residues

o    Rinsing with hot water.

o    Rinsing with an alkaline solution

o    Rinsing with hot water again.

o   Rinsing with an acid solution.

o    Rinsing with hot water, disinfectants solutions for reuse in storage  tanks.

CIP washing system

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